Booking Form

Booking an artist(s), what who, what is normally the standard procedure ?

Step 1 After sending an enquiry, we will contact the artist or his management as quickly as possible to verify if your requested dates are available. At the same time you will receive an e-mail from us with or an indication fee or an e-mail regarding more info we need (depends on some artist(s) and their management) and the indication fee (exclusive the extra costs *). In most cases we will inform you about those extra costs and try to give you an indication for them also.

Step 2 If you are the end client and you want some time to think things over, you can place an option for two weeks. This option can in most cases be extended again within those two weeks with another two weeks. You have to contact us within those two weeks, it’s your responsability.

If you want to confirm that/those artist(s), you can proceed to step 3

Step 3 If you decided to confirm that/those artist(s) and we receive an e-mail from you, telling us to confirm the artist(s), we contact the artist(s) or his direct management and get that date exclusively for you. We will send you a contract with all the details. You must sign this contract and send it back to us and make the payments according to the contract.

* Remember always :

The quicker you confirm an artist, the cheaper (in most cases) the flight costs will be, it will also be depending season and availability of flights or depending special demands of the artist(s). In most cases one or two hotel nights, transport and catering must be arranged (belongs to the extra costs).

Some artists are always travelling with a Tour manager, his own PA or his Audio Engineer (the traveling costs belongs also to the extra costs).

If it is regarding a live performance, some music equipment (according to the rider, sended with the contract) must also be at the venue (this also belongs also to the extra costs).